The best person ever. At age 18, Lady Gaga graduated from Paris Hilton's Dumb blonde stripper school as valedictorian. At the age of 21, although having no talent at all, she gave special favors to top record executives in order to make a name for herself and become one of the music industries top artists. Although her only talent is giving handjobs, her album "the fame" has sold over 10 million copies worldwide showing that even if you have no musical talent whatsoever, if you use a machine to alter your voice and give plenty of handjobs, you too can achieve greatness.
Bob: Oh my god that lady gaga concert was awesome
Dave: You're a dude, why did you go see lady gaga
Bob: Well yeah, her singing was shit, but she gave out handjobs backstage
Dave: Aww man, I shouldve went.
by JDizzleFoShizzle4 October 09, 2010
v. when an individual sneezes and defecates in their trousers simultaneously. Past Tense: Lady GaGa'd
n. a simultaneous sneeze and accidental defecation.
v. I was in line for tickets when I Lady Gaga'd. I'll never eat mexican food again.
n. I think Pam just let a Lady Gaga slip.
by Brownie15 December 14, 2009
Tranny Madonna wannabe with a penis. She is not original, she is not creative, and she has about as much musical talent as your average high school band student.

Bob: We are no longer friends.
by FannyFondler October 03, 2010
A hideous, clownish, and untalented puppet hired by money hungry business people to indocrinate the stupid by replacing real human thought with sexual urges. An extension of pointless dance music from the nineties. A priestess for the church of Ignore The Suffering In The World And Screw Mindlessly. A user of millions of dollars to create meaningless drivel that appeals to mindless herds who only like what is on the surface. A nobody whose fifteen minutes will soon be up, along with the dying music industry that promotes the worst of everything.
A hyena creates more music than Lady Gaga.

When I want to become numb to things that matter, I listen to Lady Gaga; her songs make me forget I ever had a thought in my head.

America's cultural wasteland could not be expressed more clearly than through Lady Gaga.
by Inscrutable June 02, 2010
Someone who for all intent and purpose uses re-hashed shock tactics and an abhorrent sense of style to sate her attention mongering/whoring ways, and bring her the fame she so desperately wants.
Dipstick 1: Look at Lady Gaga! She's worn a bird-nest on her face, a red get-up that covered her face(which she only had to take off to even speak, which entirely denotes the premise of form and function, but then again it never had any 'form' to begin with), and an entire outfit made out of Kermit the Frogs!

Dipstick 2: Wow! I don't get it, and am slightly shocked by it, so she MUST be some sort of eccentric genius!
by Xi Felix January 05, 2010
1 An Individual who implies that they are original when in fact they are actaully not. Often times they can be found using ideas or concepts that were not orgianally found in mainstream meida. 2 Someone who believes they are a fashion icon, when they acutally are not. 3 An individual who dresses tacky, and is often considered a walking fashion disaster. See also, Poseur.
1 Your inspiration seems rather "Lady Gaga," don't you think? 2 She beleives she's a model, but she is infact only on parr with Lady Gaga. 3 Your dressed very "Lady Gaga" like today. I don't want to go out in public with you when your dressed like that.
by Serial Gaga January 15, 2011
A crazy ass bitch out of her damn mind. The bitch can sing but the bitch is fucking crazy. Sometimes speaks like she is curing cancer and sometimes adds a british accent. Likes to be edgy by talking about sex and being bisexual. Thinks she is so fucking fashionable when she is pretty fucking ridiculous most of the time. Her songs are pretty good but her crazy personality kills it. Most of her fans are gay queens like PerezHilton. People consider her the new madonna but the new madonna needs to be pretty not a fugly shitface butterface.
Look up in the dictionary crazy, ugly, and weird..

Lady gaga
by sexybori June 04, 2009
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