1. A fugly demon who has been sent by Satan to suck the tiny bit of remaining life out of the near-dead music industry.

2. A talentless bimbo who will be forgotten once her fans hit puberty and devolp real taste in music.

3. A person who teaches young girls that dressing as an 'eccentric' whore, riding 'discos sticks', getting enebriated and having sex with whoever will take you is a good lifestyle choice.
Lady Gaga. Enough said.
by cb88 February 08, 2010
A weird fiendish like creature that stole Justin Bieber's ballsack but has the same talent. She creeps me right the fuck out. Very untalented and I still wonder how men find her balls to be attractive to them. He is the brother/sister to Smeagol but wants to take the nuts of every man she sees, a side note he will poke you in the eye if you try to please it.
1.Dude how can't you think Lady Gaga is hot.

2.Sorry I'm not into guys

1. Well then we can pleasure each other then

2 leaves the room and the friendship just ended
by ShNathan_2009 August 19, 2010
Stupid attention whore, who isnt really crazy or anything but just acts like it because she wants attention so bad. Its very obvious to tell that shes an attention whore, because her music is just so bland and unoriginal
Did you see lady gaga's new outfit?

yeah what a pathetic attention whore
by Ignighted November 08, 2009
For some reason, is a popular American pop star. Not much to say, she uses techno beats and auto tunes her voice. Rumor has it that she was once a man, which regardless she is hidious looking without her makeup/photoshopped images. Always wears glasses that cover 40% of her ugly ass face. Her songs have no talent to them and consist of simplistic "I-could-have-thought-of-that" lyrics.
*Turns on radio*

What the fuck!? That's the third time I heard Poker Face this hour. Fuck you Lady Gaga!
by Eye Hate Lady Gaga! July 06, 2009
The process of unexplainably losing all of your musical talent.
Josh: Welcome back Mike! Ready to record another song?

Mike: I'm sorry, Josh...I've just Lady GaGa'd...

by mrmctommy July 06, 2009
The epitome of a butter face.
"Lady Gaga is hot, well, everything butter face".
by jiewhif11 April 17, 2009
some dumb cunt who is broke from buying her slut dresses and is over-synthesized to sound decent but you wanna puke when you hear that skank live

2: fucking faggot


2: stupid fucking 12 year old
by 3457692 July 10, 2010
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