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A hermaphrodite
Lady Gaga should lend Justin Bieber her balls
by ghks1117 March 08, 2010
when you see a girl at a long distance, and your not sure if it is she hot or not
hey do you see that chick way down there?
yeah but shes lady gaga'd right now we need a better look
by word destroyer May 23, 2010
Noun: One having both male and female sexual characteristics and organs.
Another word for hermaphrodite.
"Is a worm asexual?"
"Naw, man. It's a Lady Gaga."
by NotSerious May 20, 2010
Lady Gaga is a form of fashion disaster who also may begin slaughtering random people
oh my god get out the way this looks like a lady gaga
by Jo =] November 18, 2009
see camel toe
look at that girl showing off her lady gaga. gross
by PxCNikka June 19, 2009
a slang term for hermaphrodites.
she's a lady gaga, she can fuck herself.
by ridetheheat February 15, 2010
When a man partakes in the act of wearing outrageous clothing in an effort to hide a tucked penis from your audience.
Jonny: WOW! Did you see that singer was actually a man?

Billy: No I didnt, her outfits were so different and intruiging!

Jonny: Oh no, you just got the Lady GaGa treatment!

by Sir Ricks A Lot December 15, 2009