A Almost-New Pop Artist Who can dress quite good well good and can sing but shes kinda ugly and has a sweet ass
Tom:jennifer did you saw lady gaga's poker face
Jennifer:Instead of Poker Face it should be Butter face
Tom:Yes T_T
by .Sed December 25, 2009
Lady Gaga is a georgous female pop artist with a whoreishh style. However, she is far from whoreishh. She could be a Playboy Model if she wanted to. She is NOT a wannabe Gwen Stefani or Fergie. I have heard that Lady Gaga would be perfect with Jim Jones.♥ She has an amazing voice and perfect fashion. Any woman would kill to have her makeup. I would.
Just Dance and Poker Face are hot videos.

Lady Gaga is not a whore.
by Shannah Rose February 12, 2009
A girl who is slutty, trashy, and batshit crazy, and yet she's amazing at the same time.
Lady Gaga is a paradox.
by bananas123456 June 18, 2009
A wonderful amazing singer and is the cousin of Eva.
And also the cousin of Kevin Graham.

She is a stylish young lass who grew up in New York city but is currently living in LA to persue her singing career
Cooper: Did you hear that great song "Just Dance"?

Marylin: Yes, Who is it by?

Cooper: It's by Lady Gaga. Isn't it a wonderful song???

Marylin: OMG YESSSSSS!!!!!!
by Haus of Gaga! April 07, 2009
butterface, tranie, & whortastic but i love her. |:
she sings amazingly but unfortunately is an attention whore. but i guess it makes her lady gaga. she's a win lose situation
Lady GaGa: "mah mah pokerface, mah mah pokerface"

person: "the fuck is wrong with her face?"

person#2: "i'm pretty sure she was terribly disfigured as a child"
by undertheundertow June 18, 2009
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