cross dressing bisexual bastard who was raped by her parents at the age of 7 because she wanted to listen to rap music and give marilyn manson a blowjob while he had crabs and herpes
Lady Gaga -bein gay is just enough
by lady gaygayfag September 23, 2011
A shitty musician/Attention whore who ACTS crazy during interviews and public events just to get the attention she wants and does not deserve. The teenage female community believe her music is influential, but the only thing it actually influences is cerebral hemmorages and strokes among those who even listen to music. Did I mention that she is ACTING out of character during interviews.
Lady Gaga always talks about being beautiful the way you are even though she looks like Paul from the Wonder Years
by Professor BigLots May 26, 2011
1. A woman's special spot; a vagina.
Aw hell no! Did you just try and sneak a peek at my Lady Gaga?
by ssolarz September 11, 2008
An admittedly hermaphroditic human being who the music industry decided to spend a lot of money on to get popular but the man or woman, or whatever it is actually only sounds good when a $10 million producer tweaks the voice out in a studio and the man/woman sounds awful live and does all kinds of weird Satanic rituals and imagery, but idiotic teenagers across the world love that kind of stuff these days.
Lady Gaga said she has part of a penis in an interview one time (not kidding). It's a hermaphrodite.
by Polyamorous Faggot January 12, 2013
i don't even know how to describe her/him... who is she? can i even call Lady Gaga a "she?" Anyway, she has no class whatsoever, the worst wardrobe in existence, and dresses up as a man while trying to kiss Britney Spears. Yeah, some of her songs are pretty good, but others get on your nerves pretty quickly. She used to be better liked, but sometimes people just need to know when enough is enough.
Lady Gaga continues to change and she still says "i was born this way," when really, she is basically an entirely different person every time you see her. One day she's in an egg, and the next she's a man.
by Chimbalicious September 04, 2011

2.Mother Monster
I love you Lady gaga, you are a god
Lady gaga is the best!!!!!
Lady gaga did it again, cuz she was born this way!!
by angelica049 June 05, 2011
Lady Gaga, (real name Joanne), is the artist behind the famous "Just Dance" song. Along with her other songs, "Poker face" and "Beautiful Dirty Rich," her album released in 2008 has become a great success. Her songs are catchy, her bangs cool, her outfits fashionable and her makeup is to die for.

Although, if you view her music videos or google up her images - whether by her hands, money, masks or overly large sunglasses, her face is most often covered.
Some people might call Lady Gaga whorish, but that's her style and she rocks it and we love her for it :)
by Cool Bushes Baked Beans January 10, 2009

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