Lady gaga is a hermaphrodite

Which means she has a dick and a vagina
This may get mixed up with a mangina but it is not
Lady gaga has both male and female genitalia
by Annoyedbythe bitch October 03, 2009
A singer who became popular throughout the whole world because of her song Just Dance. She can't sing, its all made by a stupid computer. She can't dance, for her, dancing is humping whale toys. She thinks she can make a cover of Viva La Vida, she just totally ruined a song by my favourite band. She has the worst style ever, you can tell she's a retarded bitch because she compares the fan frenzy for the Jonas Brothers to Beatlemania, is she retarded? How dare she compare the best band in the world to 3 faggots who cant sing either. She is also famous because faggots like Perez Hilton adore her and Perez's followers start liking whatever he likes, so you see. She wears like 50 million pounds of makeup to hide her ugliness. Her songs just dance and poker face are exactly the same except for the lyrics. Her songs are completely retarded and meaningless. She thinks she's talented, FOR GOD'S SAKE! she is not! Even rly awesome people like Noel Gallagher hate her!
Noel Gallagher: Ouch! Lady Gaga? It made my teeth hurt! MY TEETH!!
me: HAHA! you go Noelie!!

btw: got that from his blog "Noel's tales from the middle of Nowhere"
by ColdplayFan. June 18, 2009
A Sheman singer who is know for having a willy and a puss
Lady Gaga I don't want to poke your face
by Chuck1990 August 11, 2009
slut, whore
Isn't Lady Gaga such a slut?
Yeah "I wanna take a ride on your disco stick" or "I'll get him hard, show him what I got"
Haha, whore. But she's still sexy kinda.
by wowzerss July 23, 2009
To be a lady gaga means to be a singer who has no talent, but uses either their looks or body(usually both) to get famous.
Guy: Oh shit! You're such a lady gaga.

Girl: F**k you, man. I have talent.

Guy: On bed...
by My Name Is Akon May 19, 2009
I don't like her. She's a whore who thinks she's beautiful, but you can never see her face. I admit, Just Dance is cool but then I heard Poker Face and the sound the same except for the lyrics, which are kinda dumb. She's often compared to Gwen Stefani. I'm not saying I hate her, just not a fan.
LadyGagaFan:"Oh my god! It's a Lady Gaga song!!!"
Me:"I don't like her"
LGF:"But isn't Poker Face awesome?"
Me:"It sounds just like Just Dance."
LGF:"She's so pretty though!"
Me:"Have you ever seen her face?"
by EveryonesACritic:( May 19, 2009
A hermaphrodite(heshe), who is a freak. she wears wierd clothing,shitty wigs and a crap load of dollar store makeup. she once wore a dress made out of raw meat!(what a wierdo!) she sounds terrible and has to put special effects on her voice to make it sound less horrid. she has had a number of sex changes to be come a lady but still looks some what like Owen Wilsona in a dress with a bleached wig and dollar store makeup. her name also sounds like caca which means shit
person 1:oh my gawd! its lady gaga!
person 2: did you just say lady caca! hahaha
by baka kuso yaro April 08, 2011

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