butterface, tranie, & whortastic but i love her. |:
she sings amazingly but unfortunately is an attention whore. but i guess it makes her lady gaga. she's a win lose situation
Lady GaGa: "mah mah pokerface, mah mah pokerface"

person: "the fuck is wrong with her face?"

person#2: "i'm pretty sure she was terribly disfigured as a child"
by undertheundertow June 18, 2009
A crazy ass bitch out of her damn mind. The bitch can sing but the bitch is fucking crazy. Sometimes speaks like she is curing cancer and sometimes adds a british accent. Likes to be edgy by talking about sex and being bisexual. Thinks she is so fucking fashionable when she is pretty fucking ridiculous most of the time. Her songs are pretty good but her crazy personality kills it. Most of her fans are gay queens like PerezHilton. People consider her the new madonna but the new madonna needs to be pretty not a fugly shitface butterface.
Look up in the dictionary crazy, ugly, and weird..

Lady gaga
by sexybori June 04, 2009
1. The art of being ugly.

2. Suddenly losing all musical talent.

3. Making money for recording senseless garbage.
1. Person 1: "Eww, she's such a Lady Gaga".

Person 2: "How?"

Person 1: "She's just nasty looking and no one will take a second look at her!

Person 2: "Oh yeah, ok."

2. Bart: "Hey, Ben, let's write some good music.

Ben: "I can't bro, I tried picking up the guitar but I Lady Gaga'd."

Bart: "NOOO!!"

3. Person 1: "He recorded his uncle throwing up, and farting and placed a computerized beat behind it and sold it to a record company. He'll make a lot of money!"

Person 2: "Woah, that's crazy. He'll be pulling a Lady Gaga then."
by CerealAndWall January 10, 2010
Proof that you don't need talent to succeed in the music business.
Lady gaga
by Interactive November 06, 2009
A mixed copy of Madonna and Britney Spears. Her music is pretty good, but gets boring soon. She tries to act hot, but it ends up with her looking like an ugly slut. She's an attention whore wearing all kinds of terribly crazy costumes creeping out all of humanity. She likes to wear black lipstick, she thinks it makes her look creative while in reality it just looks like she's been munching on some really old dog sh!t. She copies Madonna and Britney Spears a lot, a great example is her wearing crystals in the LoveGame music video, just like Britney did in Toxic. Overally, she's decent, but she'll disappear from the world soon.
Gaga fangirl: OMG, Lady Gaga is so amazing!
Person with common sense: She's not that terrible, but she's a slutty attention whore who will be forgotten soon.
by OutrageousLance December 08, 2010
not much can be said about this attention craving lobster hat wearing talentless dredge of society. also known as a "musician". might be a dude.
Lady gaga.....or Mr gaga?
by CapnSham March 27, 2010
An "artist" that creates a massive amount of shitty music. She usually wears incredibly odd clothing, usually to draw attention away from the fact that she has a penis.
Guy 1: What's with lady gaga?

Guy 2: That's not a lady! It's Slim Jim!
by Tidaeus January 18, 2010
a talentless bitch, that becomes famous through acting like she has walked out of a mental home. a person whos voice is computerized and therefore can not be classed as a singer. also a bad example to teenagers who may turn into mentally disturbed plastic cunts.
Nicole: have you heard this new singer, there right good
Brad: oh great! another fuckin Lady gaga in the charts!
by USABradUSA January 16, 2010

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