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1. This term is used to identify any product or item that is only meant for usage with females and female parts. For example vagisil would not be bought and used by a male so vagisil is a lady treasure.

2. This term is used to describe a situation or a specific item without making the conversation ackward. For example if i asked my girlfriend why she has a vibrator an ackward silence would follow her answer, but if i said "why do you need that lady treasure?" she would laugh and potentially the conversation could end up being an inside joke.

3. This term can be used to deter small children from poking around moms purse or closet. For example if a three year old found a tampon and was playing with it his mother could say something along the lines of "honey put my lady treasure back where you found it or you wont get any dessert" and by that the three year old may beleive that its just an everyday thing and not poke for more information.
(Definition usage) 1.
~Bill- "What on earth is this?!"

~Alexa- "woops im sorry, i missed the trashcan when i was throwing away my used lady treasures..."

~Bill- "Oh... Well if youll clean it up its no big deal but thanks for saying lady treasures, I might have puked otherwise."

(Definition usage) 2.
~Ted- "why are we going to walgreens?"

~Debby- "because im all out of my lady treasures."

~Ted- "HAHA you sound like a pirate!"

~Debby- "HAHA ya, load up all your vagisil and tampons into the ship!"

~Ted- "HAHA that strangely wasnt that weird."

(Definition usage) 3.
~Mike- "Mommy I was looking through your drawer and this weird buzzing noise started and I thought i broke your drawer off."

~Beth- "Haha no you didnt break my drawer but stay away from my lady treasures in there."

~Mike- "Whats a lady treasure?"

~Beth- "Its all the stuff that myself as a girl need to be happy so I dont sprout wings and claws and tear your face off."

~Mike- "You wouldnt really do that would you?!"

~Beth- "Not on purpose but if my lady treasures go missing im not going to be able to control it. So please leave them alone cause ive grown to like you around."

~Mike- "... Ok mom...."
by SuctionParrot April 30, 2009
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