Satan Incarnate
Lady Gaga signifies the downfall of America.
by Lambs to Slaughter December 12, 2009
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, more commonly known as 'Lady GaGa', is the chart topping singer of 'Poker Face' and 'Just Dance'. Her debut album is called 'The Fame' and was released in August 2008. She is also known for being a hermaphrodite.
I just listened to 'Boys Boys Boys', by Lady GaGa which is on 'The Fame'.
by Obnoxious Rambler October 29, 2009
An unoriginal mainstream artist who apparently has some talent because she knows how to play real instruments and write songs (like a lot of people do) but I suppose she had to get famous somehow so now all she does is sing over bad techno with way too much treble. People who like lady gaga like her because she's "different" because she dresses weird. But there is nothing unique about her music whatsoever.
"Why are you puking?"
"I don't know, I was just listening to the greatest hits radio station and got this horrible migraine in the middle of lady gaga's new song with way too much treble"
"Oh yeah, that happened to me last week"
by lncasd August 19, 2011
an alien.
Q : have you heard the latest lady gaga's song ?
A : oh, you mean that alien who wear dress like a drag.
by civilizer May 11, 2011
Ugliest THING that walked the earth. Can't sing basically.
THe weirdest thing ever is Lady Gaga.
by LOLownedyou March 12, 2011
Lady Gaga

A common white trash just like Palin, Britney Spears or the Cake Fart Girl (Lisa Wogen), who use a body part other than their brains to become a me-me sensation. Just like the other three, won't miss any opportunity to embarrass themselves for a pinch of publicity. The only difference is that Lady Gaga actually got talent.
Lady Gaga is not a brain surgeon, but she can pull off a nice dance. At least we can give her that.
by Undostressmariah December 19, 2010
-one who has a small penis (usually less than 3 inches in length) with a growth twice the size of their extremely tiny penis.
I think that lady gaga's penis isn't really that big ....
by -your mom. February 28, 2010

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