The greatest thing ever. Super hot and better than any other singer, except perhaps David Dreiman of Disturbed. A lot of people hate her, but thats just because their pissed that other good bands like The Who and The Beatles are gone and the band memebers are either dead or 90 and dyings. People who don't like her can not accept change, and therefore hate all things that are modern. Lady Gaga is awesome and they know it, but they can't accept that. She has great fashion sense and her songs are great, and although she is computer edited in her albums, she is also great live ( I know this because I have heard her sing live ). She is really slutty, but thats okay because she does it because she likes being slutty not because she wants to be cool, and being slutty is just what she likes. If you don't like her you suck.
Lady Gaga's songs Just Dance, LoveGame, Poker Face
by TGBA August 08, 2009
A girl who is slutty, trashy, and batshit crazy, and yet she's amazing at the same time.
Lady Gaga is a paradox.
by bananas123456 June 18, 2009
A Almost-New Pop Artist Who can dress quite good well good and can sing but shes kinda ugly and has a sweet ass
Tom:jennifer did you saw lady gaga's poker face
Jennifer:Instead of Poker Face it should be Butter face
Tom:Yes T_T
by .Sed December 25, 2009
Lady Gaga is a georgous female pop artist with a whoreishh style. However, she is far from whoreishh. She could be a Playboy Model if she wanted to. She is NOT a wannabe Gwen Stefani or Fergie. I have heard that Lady Gaga would be perfect with Jim Jones.♥ She has an amazing voice and perfect fashion. Any woman would kill to have her makeup. I would.
Just Dance and Poker Face are hot videos.

Lady Gaga is not a whore.
by Shannah Rose February 12, 2009
A wonderful amazing singer and is the cousin of Eva.
And also the cousin of Kevin Graham.

She is a stylish young lass who grew up in New York city but is currently living in LA to persue her singing career
Cooper: Did you hear that great song "Just Dance"?

Marylin: Yes, Who is it by?

Cooper: It's by Lady Gaga. Isn't it a wonderful song???

Marylin: OMG YESSSSSS!!!!!!
by Haus of Gaga! April 07, 2009
butterface, tranie, & whortastic but i love her. |:
she sings amazingly but unfortunately is an attention whore. but i guess it makes her lady gaga. she's a win lose situation
Lady GaGa: "mah mah pokerface, mah mah pokerface"

person: "the fuck is wrong with her face?"

person#2: "i'm pretty sure she was terribly disfigured as a child"
by undertheundertow June 18, 2009

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