1- Some talentless man-bitch that is only popular because she is blonde, and has a pair of boobs.

2- The reason the music industry is dieing. When actual talent knocks on Opportunitys' door, Opportunity tells em' to get lost and winds up selling itself to some talentless puppet who relies on auto-tune and professional song writers to compose for her.
Why Is lady gaga popular?
by Roastmasters September 02, 2009
She makes the bad Britney Spears and Christina Aguliera look good. Those who compare her to Gwen Stefani, and Madonna are insulting the music industry and should be bitch-slapped.
-stupid blonde- OMG! Have you seen the new Lady Gaga video? It's HOTT!

-rather intelligent brunette- *bitch-slap*
by Anen99 July 14, 2009
A "singer" I like to call Lady GayGuy because let's face it, she used to be a guy.
Lady gaga is a man.
by matt15sxe August 18, 2011
A Slutty Hermaphrodite known for garbage singles such as "Poker Face" & "Just Dance." She/He is the perfect example of how the Music industry is performing Hara-Kiri and allowing corporate businessmen bent on selling numbers rather than finding quality to take over. Her fans mainly consist of Teenagers, Metrosexuals, and Homosexuals, all who deny the fact that she/he has a Penis. She/He generally dresses in slutty and/or extremely strange outfits and hairdos in order to draw attention away from her Genitals. She/He nearly uses some form of Computer Editing to enhance his/her Vocals in all of his/her songs. She/He considers dancing as aligning one's self into sexual positions out of random. Her/His "Artistic" comments are piss poor and have little to or no relevance to the real world. She/He generally sings about sex like a lot of today's "Artists." She/He sends the message to sluts everywhere that living a life of sluttiness and stupidity can lead to fame or in her/his case, infamy. The day "Artists" like Lady GaGa are no longer famous, the music industry will pull it's head out of it's anus.
Philip: Dude, I just got the best handjob!

Stephen: From who?

Philip: Lady GaGa.

Stephen: Eww!

Philip: What?

Stephen: Do you know why she gives such good handies?

Philip: Why?

Stephen: What do you think?

*Three seconds later*

Philip: OH MY GOD!

*Philip shoots self with handgun*
by IrishEggroll June 24, 2011
The offspring of Madonna and Freddy Kruegar
by xEmoPenguinx June 20, 2011
-one who has a small penis (usually less than 3 inches in length) with a growth twice the size of their extremely tiny penis.
I think that lady gaga's penis isn't really that big ....
by -your mom. February 28, 2010
Talentless woman, her fanbase consists of 13 year old girls with no taste in music.

Hendrix > Lady CaCa
Lady GaGa fan: OMG LADY GAGA IS SO COOL!!!!!
Me: Shut the fuck up.
by Lady GaGa hater February 06, 2010

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