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You're damn lucky if you know a Ladina. Ladina = Awesomeness. She is extremely funny and entertaining and she seems happy all the time. She makes people around her smiling and knows to cheer them up when they're down. She is very kind and understanding and listens to everybody's problems and tries to help. Ladina is up for EVERYTHING, even if it's the most stupid and random thing ever. She is also very beautiful, sexy, athletic and smart. Guys are often too shy to ask her out. She knows millions of people and has millions of friends but only a few have the honor to have a spot in her heart. Ladina is probably the most outgoing and open minded person ever. Treat her with respect and enjoy the time you spend with her, it is truly one of the best times of your life!
Andy: Have you met Ladina, she is so funny, she is just awesome!!

Ben: I know she is gorgeous, I've been out with her couple times, it was hilarious, I've had the time of my life

Matt: Hey guys calm down, she's mine!

Ben to Andy: See... that's her boyfriend. I wish I was him! she the nicest, sexiest, funniest and most awesome person I've ever met. Matt sucks so bad!

Marina: Hey Ladina, are you up for an Ice-Cream contest?

Ladina: of course, man! and afterwards we go to this raver concert and get wasted as hell. and tomorrow morning church haha!
by wellidonttellyou May 08, 2011
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