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Piece of shit honky who sucks huge black cock for money, drugs, and especially large quantities of food.
"Yo, get off my dick and stop acting like a sorry ass LADD.
by Anonymous April 07, 2003
someone who has sex with your mom. alot.
Dude, I heard Ladd did your mom.
by Anonymous May 19, 2003
noun A warm-blooded, featherless, balding, bird like vertebrate with an abnormaly large beak. A ladd is also very pale in color almost like an albino toucan. Ladds also love birdseed and grissom
Look at that ladd's beak its bigger then a toucan
by vroom vrooooom May 25, 2010
An acronym for the Los Angeles Derby Dolls - an all girl banked track roller derby league. LADD currently has 3 teams within the league: Sirens, Tough Cookies, and Fight Crew.
L.A.D.D. is the hottest roller derby league to hit the banked track.
by Evalynn Bitter December 14, 2007
To jack off.
did you have a LADD last night.
by James Ladd October 08, 2003
lesbians against drunk driving
kelly is in l.a.d.d.
by mu moo October 29, 2003
James Ladd
U r a james ladd
by stuffit November 13, 2003