DON'T read Nikki's def of lacrosse... She's ignorant... I dunno how the hell them damn brit girls play it but we HARDCORE EASTCOAST LAX MEN sure as hell know how to play a mighty powerful lacrosse game. LACROSSE IS THE ONLY TRUE SPORT!!!
But anyway... I got a REVO-PRO head on a shibby - looking orange DIAMOND PRO shaft which cost me 185$ and has, in my opinion, the best feel for a featherweight D-stick out there, possibly the best feel 4 short-sticks too. My backup-stick is a classic REVO head on a Warrior Krypto-Pro six-footer. DON't MESS WITH LACROSSE AND DON'T MESS WITH LANGLEY! WE'RE GOIN ALL THE WAY BABY! SHIBBY!
Lacrosse is the ultimate sport of all hardcore body-contact sports. It requires extreme skill and GIANT BALLS to play. LAX is undeniably Shibby!
by SHIBBY-ONE April 11, 2005
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The national sport of Canada, which is very popular in both Canada, USA, and the UK. It's the best sport ever - there are lots of rules (but fortunately not the kind that will stop you damaging somebody).

One of the most hardcore, badass games ever invented (so long as it's full contact), it's easily at least as violent as rugby, ice hockey or american football. It's a game for real men.

Lacrosse is played in the UK by boys and girls, due to a recent craze emerging especially around Manchester.

UK male Lacrosse is basically the same as US Lacrosse, with the same rules and full contact.

UK girls' Lacrosse does now have contact but only stick checking is allowed. Only Mixed Lacrosse is non-contact, in case the guys decapitate the girls.
Lacrosse is f**king hardcore dude. If you haven't heard of it, go play baseball with the pussies.

US Boys - full contact, badass game

UK Boys - full contact, same badass game

UK Girls - a little bit of contact, not as badass

UK Mixed - no contact.yawn.
by Irish_Lancs November 19, 2005
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It's a very interesting sport. It is played with a stick with netting at the end of it. The netting is used to throw and scoop the ball up to either pass or throw in a goal. Considered America's first sport. It was first played by Native Americans. It was often played to prepare men for war or even settle conflicts between tribes. There could be anywhere from a few to a hundred players on each side. The play of field could be anywhere from 500 yards to several miles long.
In my opinion, lacrosse has gotten softer since Europeans first picked it up from the indians. Unlike how the indians played it, in modern lacrosse, a helmet, pads, and gloves are weared. I think the safety equipment is unnecessary. It is physical, but you aren't running full speed into someone like in football.
by woo hoo! May 14, 2006
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ESPN once did a story on a college lacrosse player that was gay. Afterwards, they did a story on a basketball player that was black.
Yup, lacrosse is an activity (note, an activity not a sport) played by effeminate, white preppy douchebags so as to suck the money out of north eastern colleges which could otherwise be used on useful things, like funding a Silly Hat Society.
Most lacrosse players attended prep schools (such as "the Prep" or St. Joseph's Prepatory Academy) and have father's who own gold mines or oil fields and play a sport requiring helmets to protect their artificially tanned skin and dyed hair.
I've never been to a lacrosse activity because i only watch real sports like Halo or thumb wrestling.
by Dan Marino July 11, 2005
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A game played on a field that is 110 yards long and 60 yards wide. While in play there are 10 players on the field at a time (20 if you include the opposing team). The players are divided into four groups the Mid-Fielders, the Attack, the Defense, and the Goalie. The Mid-Fielders are players that can go on either side of the field and play both defense and offense and there stick can be between the length of 40 inches and 42 inches. The Attack are three players that stay on the opposing teams side of the field and have the same sized stick as the Mid-fielders. The Defenders stay on one side of the field and defend their goal their stick can be between the length of 52 and 72 inches long.

Lacrosse can be played in almost any weather conditions except if it is thundering and lightning.

Lacrosse is for the athletically able, to play lacrosse you need to be fast, strong, smart, quick thinking, and you need to have stamina and a lot of it. you also need to be able to take a hit and they continue to play.

Lacrosse is amazing and can Kick baseball's ass any day.
Lacrosse can be played in the rain, snow, sleet, hail, basically any weather condition (but not thunder and Lightning)
But a baseball game is canceled if it starts to drizzle out also baseball games are so boring that half way through the game there is time for you to awake your self up from your after noon nap. Baseball sucks ass
by BlackhawkxxLax March 03, 2011
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Fastest contact sport (The fastest Non-contact sport would be ping pong) involving a stick and a ball. 10 people on the feild at once. 3 attack, 3 midfeilders, 3 defenders, and 1 goalie. Many rules are adopted from hockey and shares the same aggressiveness as hockey and football. This can possibly be the sport with the most rules, as Lacrosse has so many rules that even many college players are unaware of some of the rules. Lacrosse was invented by Native Americans and was proven to be North America's 1st sport.
Lacrosse burns 3 times as many calories as football, think about that.
by Zigs44 April 19, 2009
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A gay college sport, played by people who should be locked in portable toilets and pushed down a hill.
by A baseball player March 22, 2005
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