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Best Sport Ever. Im sorry to all you baseball freaks out there, but for some reason I prefer beating some guy senseless to grabbing his ass. Thats just me tho, so, go have fun with your silly grabassing.
Lacrosse is indeed harder than baseball, and more entertaining
Anyone who says Lacrosse is gay just because girls play it in the UK needs to see a lacrosse stick...being swung at their head... and then pegged with lacrosse balls for a while. Those son'bitches hurt
by Adrian Tepes January 02, 2006
94 99
if you dont know what this sport is you better be an alien dead or in jail for all of your life
if you play lacrosse than that is your life
by scarpi June 17, 2007
17 23
The sport that every kid plays after they get made fun of so badly becasue they suck at baseball
congrats u stuck out 3 times today why dont u go play lacrosse
by cameronn January 07, 2007
57 63
a sport for those who dont suck cock with there baseball buddies. furthermore, lacrosse players get much more cunt then n e one else!!
I get so much cunt on the streets that it falls out of my pockets when i walk. this guy allmosst stepped on some of my cunt one time. I play lacrosse
by Keeganator March 12, 2005
21 27
A high-speed, full contact sport utilizing sticks and balls. Played by closet homosexuals that possess a severe inferiority complex to the more popular games of american football and baseball. So called "athletes" run around with fishnets trying to throw a rubber ball into a net. A complete cluster-fuck of a mix between hockey, football, soccer.
Tom: I like football, and I like hockey and baseball too. I'm not sure if I'm good enough to play any of those though. I don't want to play soccer because that's gay.

James: Try lacrosse.

Tom: Yeah that's a good idea bro. Wanna go home and measure each other's dicks?

James: Dude...
by James Caffeine February 10, 2011
14 21
A stupid sport that is often related to baseball. Lacrosse players make fun of baseball players because they say baseball is gay. THe truth is that anyone can catch a ball with a stick, run, and launch it. Try hitting a baseball going 100mph with a slight curve. After that, tell me which sport is harder. And for those who say it is so physical, try wrestling or football. You almost die during practice. It cannot compare to baseball. Baseball is the hardest sport that takes so much talent and skill.
Lacrosse player: Baseball is possibly the easiest sport. Anyone can catch a ball.

Baseball Player: Yeah, ok. When you can hit a baseball that has been thrown 95mph, call me.
by Bob Saggot Kid December 25, 2009
40 47
Lacrosse: Most dick sucking sport of all time, invented by mentally retarded Native Americans because they liked to play with eachother's shafts and heads.
Old transvestite hooker/Lacrosse player: Hey, wanna play lacrosse?

Some guy: No, leave me alone lacrosse player.

Old transvestite hooker/Lacrosse player: Then can i just blow u?
by Lacrossesuckscamelcock012 May 21, 2009
47 54