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Used to define a person who is not only cheap and leech, but also uses persons for his own ends without caring about that people.
You didn't ask for permission to come into my house. What a lacra!
by ChenteGT November 10, 2004
The lowest of the low. Good for nothing. Also see shady,bum,suspect,sheisty.
Look at that guy trying to take advantage of that little girl, that is lacra.
by edy15 April 30, 2005
someone that is very cheap as son of a bitch.
no seas lacra guey, dame un peso.
by Osbaldo December 20, 2003
sombody that do stupid actions, or say stupid actions... and it is very hypotric...
No seas lacra damelo de vuelta!
by Kevin Brian McFarlane November 19, 2003
1)Someone who controls a neighborhood, gang or street.

2) A boss
That guy is a lacra, look how he rolls.
by dady yankee November 16, 2011
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