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A feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from a lack of interest or boredom causing poor productivity at work. Also manifests itself at home when housework or chores need to be accomplished.
Coworker: "Why did you surf urbandictionary.com all day and not finish your TPS reports?"
You: "I have lackawanna."
by Dr Yahweh February 03, 2010
City located near Buffalo, NY.
Used to have a steel plant.
Is inhabited by Arabians, mostly.
and old people.
Separated into two parts by the bridge on ridge road.
A city that nobody's heard of.
Inhabited by druggies.
where are you from?


what the hell is that?
by captaincuntknuckles April 09, 2009
The inability of a New York cab driver to know where, for instance, Central Park is.
by Nick March 28, 2003
inferior; deficient.
No, dude, she's not hot at all, she's just a lackawanna Sandra Bullock.
by Talia? March 02, 2004