A name that stands in the dictionary right next to KABLAMMM, he is a hot and funny human being. everyone wants him. all the chicks look at him and are straight away all over him. he picks up all the chicks and they never want to let him go.
Guy 1: hey, did you see that lachie over there?
Girl 1: No, where?
Guy 1: right there!
Guy 1: where'd u go?
Guy 1: *sees girl all over lachie and already in love*
by jimjohnnoj October 23, 2011
Top Definition
A male. A scottish name which means: "the boy from the Lochs"

Greek determination: Eros

A Lachie is a very generous, funny, sweet, and good looking male. He is considerate and always makes sure his friends are happy.

When females get to know a Lachie, they might never forget about him, and always think of him
Girl 1: "hey Lachie"
Lachie: "Heyy :)"
Girl 1: "<3"
by Melissa12dk March 01, 2011
just simply the hottest and the coolest kid in the world
the girls love him and they cant get enough of him
he dates the best girls and they wish he was their boyfriend
Lachie: Heyy
Girl: do u no how hot u are
Lachie: y thanks
Girl: and u are soo cute
Lachie: thanks
Girl: i wish u were my boyfriend
by lachstarr November 24, 2011
Lachie - is what you call a person who is a member of the KKK, Nazi party, member of pregnancy clubs and JEWS NEWS
Yo!, i heard Jake was subscribing to all this websites. I guess he's a Lachie!
by Smeagolololol September 02, 2014
authentically aged leather adds supple earthy tone
person 1: "Do you like my new Lachie handbag? came all the way from Italy!"

person 2: "Gay. got my Jansport backpack for $15 all the way from Office Depot."
by g@y4lyf3g@lz! December 17, 2010
a useless and unfortunate character who's meaningless life is to be spent lifting large, heavy items and completing lowly menial tasks.

Used to working under instruction, the standard "lachie" has little or no independant brainpower of it's own.

Other spellings may include:

'mon lachie, get that stuff up tae Sinclair Drive and be qucik about it.....
by Oliver Driscoll January 21, 2004
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