Here are descriptions of common labels given to people in society (note that not all of them are 100% correct):

Goth/Emo: Wears lots of black (such as clothes from Hot Topic), has pale skin, wears lots of makeup (even if it's a guy), dyes their hair dark colors, listens to rock and metal music which talk about sad stuff, cut themselves, and cry alot.

Thug/Gangsta: Wears clothes twice their size, pulls down their pants to show their boxers, wear lots of chains around their neck, talk in ebonics, listen to rap and hip-hop, loves smoking and doing other drugs, constantly engages in criminal behavior such as vandalism or robbery, and (usually) are black, or PRETEND to be black.

Prep: Loves shopping at stores such as Abercrombie and Fitch, wears lots of pink, frequently wears short revealing clothes such as miniskirts or mini tanktops, listens to pop music, speaks with exaggerations on many words such as "like, oh my GOD, that is SOOOOO kewl!", is self-centered and conceited, and usually have blonde hair (which might be dyed as well).

Punk/Skater: Wears clothing such as ripped faded jeans, plaid shorts, studded belts, band shirts, etc., has a mohawk (in which the spikes may have dyed colors), doesn't give a shit about what everyone thinks of them, wants to rebel against society, loves to skate, smokes or does other drugs, and of course, listens to punk rock.

Jock: Wears lots of sports-related clothes such as basketball jerseys, has sneakers such as Nike's or Adidas, works out a lot, like the prep is self-centered and conceited, puts on lots of deodorant, (obviously) loves to play sports, and when not playing, watches them on TV (ESPN, for example), and lastly, can't pass an academic grade at school if his life (or rather, his professional career) depended on it.
Labels are not 100% accurate - they're more of a stereotypical view of today's people, and many find this disrespectful. However, it is also true that labels can help classify a certain type of person that another might be looking for. Just don't expect for the person to be exactly like the label is described.
by SomeBadJoke August 09, 2006
Top Definition
Something you put on jars. Not on people
That has Label says the Jar has apples in it.
by Jason M. January 26, 2005
What is with all the labels nowdays?? Its like u cant like avril lavigne and not be called a poser, u cant like taking back sunday and not become "emo", u cant like evanescence and not be called a goth. People can like what they want, dress how they want, look how they want to look and like whatever music they like the sound of. U can like 50 cent AND still like evanescense, of course most halfwits would call u a poser if u did do that but who gives a fuck?? also u would be highly discriminated against by most teenagers and would become a freak in ur "cilque", but u like what u like, just because people dress head to toe in black DOES NOT mean that theyre goth, they could have the same musical tatse as say, the cheerleading prep who comes to school head to toe in bright bold pink. Teenagers these days r being so dumb. By labelling themselves and joining a certain "clique" they think theyre opening the doors to a new way of seeing life when really they are just restricting themselves in musical tastes among with many other things.
Any teenager who likes blink 182, britney spears, Avril Lavigne, Maralin Manson, Taking Back sunday, Usher, Christina Aguleria and 50 cent all at the same time should be respected for not caring what others think or say about them.
Thumbs down this defenition all u like
by @!! January 22, 2005
pointless words (emo, goth, skater, preppy, poser, etc.) used to stereotype people because of what they wear or what music they listen to. Most people who label others have NO idea what they are talking about, in fact anyone who labels people are narrowminded asswholes who have nothing better to do. Just because you listen to My Chemical Romance doesn't mean you are emo and slit your wrists in a dark room with candles every night, and just because you wear alot of black doesn't mean you worship the fucking devil, and just because you wear pink and say "like" alot doesn't mean you are a prep. Seriously, people who label others dont know shit like they think they do. If you disagree with what someone listens to, don't listen to it. And if you disagree with what someone wears, don't wear it. But whatever you do, don't tell them you disagree, because no one gives a flying fuck what you think. Labels suck. So do labelers. Be yourself, and don't live by someone else's rules so you can be cool.
labels are incredibly stupid
by fsdjgnjkasgnjasfdnl May 08, 2006
a title given to someone who is blatently trying to fit in with one of the stereotypical high school "cliques". usually the label is justifiable though, since they are trying to fit in with other people who are obviously confused about who they really are.
Don't wanna be labeled? Try dressing and thinking for yourself.
by scum fuck May 18, 2004
1. (noun) Something teenagers claim to hate but quickly slap on themselves then advertised to other teens who are too busy contemplating themselves to care about anyone else.

2. (verb) The act of labelling someone, usually when the labelled doesn't want to be labelled.
1. UGH! I HATE labels, SO BAD. Everyone calls me a prep!! AHH!! Oh, by the way! Check out me new bracelet! I am so damn original!!

2. Don't you label ME!! How dare you!!
by Shameless Plug January 11, 2004
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