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A beautiful girl who is kind and will always be a cutie in a real mans eyes.
The first time I saw this girl I fell in love, not only with her appearance but with her personality.
by LiL KiLLa August 18, 2004
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Unbelievably lovely Goddess that made my dreams come true, because she IS actually my dream.
I'm not going to try to say more, because there are no words in any language that can put a "definition" to LaTara.

One thing is sure, you are not going to know more, because I won't authorize it.
Two friends looking at the sky, daydreaming:

Friend #1: "Oh man can you believe in the existence of a beautiful, sexy, but intelligent and smart girl, that has the voice of the cutest creature in the world, is sweet like chocolate and romantic like a cherry tree in spring?"

Friend #2: "Oh man STFU don't remind me of LaTara...she's just out of range for me...Q_Q"

Atrocious Nightmare, somewhere in the world: "MwuahAaWUhaauHAAwhaUh
by Atrocious Nightmare October 15, 2010
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LaTara is a nice girl. She is very shy. Sometimes she will drink. She isnt shy when she drinks.
LaTara is teh sex. LaTara can really whoop a camel's ass.
by Ryan Adams. August 25, 2004
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Did you see LaTara, she gets wild after a few beers.
by Bill Clinton August 15, 2004
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one crazy motherfucker.

who plays ddr too much.

and loves the rev.
did you hear about latara? she went goth because she hugged m shadows.
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