A large African American woman, commonly equated to Rosa Parks for traveling by bus as demonstrated on Napoleon Dynamite. Her teeth often resemble that of a horse, or Matt Pieper. She enjoys conversing on the internet with a slightly flamboyant man named Kip and is of-course... Ghetto Fabulous.
I can't wait until LaFawnduh arrives from Detroit for a couple of days. She will hook me up with some real bling. I hope she doesn't ruin our lives and eat all our steak, like Uncle Rico.
by Chevrolet-La-Vee-Vee-Na December 29, 2004
Top Definition
One's true love that will last always and forever.
Nick proposed to Sarah. For he has found his LaFawnduh.
by Jonnie April 03, 2005
Kip's girlfriend, sandy blonde hair, just waves in the air.
Kip while talking online: I love the way your sandy blonde hair just waves in the air...
by Leslie March 01, 2005
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