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"La Roche" is defined as a municipality of Belgium that lies in the country's Walloon Region and Luxembourg Province. The interesting part is that there are TWO places in Belgium that are called "La Roche" which can cause Mass Confusion when trying to navigate the already difficult public transport system. The good news is, if you go to the wrong "La Roche" you can drink Newfie Screech at the train stop as you wait. This may make you vomit, but will help pass the time.
We've arrived in the wrong La Roche so let's have some Screech while we wait.
by Newfiejacq February 19, 2010
Long soft floppy dripping vagina that eats any man it encounters and some women
Dude last night I saw a girl open her legs and her Laroche devoured this fat guy walking past her.
by DougDouch111 May 06, 2014
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