It means "The Race" For everything in the race, nothing for outside of the race.

What inbred racist Mexican gangs call themselves.

A Mexican national hate group that advocates for the destruction of the USA through an invasion of illegal aliens from Mexico and genocide of non-Mexicans.

La Raza controls California
Why is La Raza acceptable but not Aryan Nations?
by ihatelosangeles July 07, 2005
Literally, "the race".

A Hispanic advocacy organization. Seems to primarily be concerned with securing increased access to mainstream American society for illegal aliens, as well as public relations efforts to legitimize them.
(1)If La Raza spent more time advocating for change in Mexico than they did in the USA, both countries would be better off.

(2)La Raza protested the Border Patrol's recent enforcement actions in Southern California.
by isoedin August 26, 2004
An latino organization primarily consisting of subversives whose membership are usually illegals to begin with. La Raza is essentially their equivalent of the KKK and NAACP. It should be noted however, that there are just as many legal and progressive Mexicans however that sees La Raza for what they really are.
All of the La Raza subversives are planning to march in force next week to try and strongarm the federal government in giving all illegals a permanent pass into this country.
by Piranha April 28, 2006
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