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Laughing Your Ass Off, as opposed to (LMAO) Laughing My Ass Off.

Usually used in a question to determine if the other party considers the discussable information funny aswell.
Mark: Lol i shot a rocket got sniped and respawned right in front of my own rocket and got killed by myself
Jennace: LMAO
John: LMAO
Jennace: Lex, Karl, LYAO?
Lex: Yeah.. well, ROFL actually
Karl: Why the hell would you ask people if they're lmao'ing?
Jennace: Oh sry
- - - - - - - - - -
Player73: HA Pwned!!1 I just used the god cheat and killed xCTxDextroYx, LYAO all?
Sean: no
Neal: no, asshole
xCTxDextroYx: i efin h8 cheeters! kthxbye!
*xCTxDextroYx left
by uudens March 01, 2009
Laugh Your Ass Off
"Man, what a pisser, go see it, you'll L.Y.A.O."
by Schnezza February 19, 2009
Laugh Your Arse Off
Used in internet chats, similar to lol.
Nicola- ...& then she queefed!!!
Frankie- LYAO
Nicola- Yeah I did!
by Sophie April 14, 2004
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