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Long Range Pimping.
"I ain't even gotta leave the crib to have that trick do her work. I'm LRP in this bitch."
by Yaaaaaaaaay Area July 22, 2008
22 4
LRP stands for Long Range Pimpin. It means you have hos not just in your city, but in long range.
According to E-40, in a song featuring Passion, "Baller's Lady" he has a bar "Long Range Pimpin, L-R-P's//got em over here, got em overseas"
by Ricky Kwok August 17, 2006
20 6
Literary Role Play

When two or more people each control a one (sometimes more) character and take turns writing for their character. Creating a story. Often confused with D&D. And labeled as a nerd/dork thing.
"I like LRP in fantasy settings."
"Me, too."
"We should partner!"
by Chickidee March 09, 2014
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