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"This is my LPU. What's yours?"

"Space Jam 11 bruh!"
by Lilfreezy May 22, 2015
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Linkin Park Underground, the fan club of the famous band Linkin Park. It gives fans video chats with the band members, pre-sale tickets, exclusive band merchandise, exclusive behind-the-scenes videos, a chance at Meet & Greets with the band, international Summits, and other special events.
"With this, the 10th edition of the Linkin Park Underground, we commit to you a renewed, re-energized version of the LPU experience. This is no longer a fan club; this is a membership to our inner circle." - Linkin Park
by aud31 August 22, 2011
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LPU is an acronym standing for Last Person Up. The LPU is the last person to go to bed and is often characterized by being someone who enjoys taking lots of recreational drugs to stay awake.

May also suffer from severe FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), hence why they need to stay up the longest.
Gerry: Hey bro, I'm tired and the sun's coming up, we should probably go to bed.
Fergus: Nah, whatever dude, I'm going for a kayak in the estuary. I'm the LPU again!
Gerry: Fair enough.
by Springbok27 January 09, 2011
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c'mon ppl!!!! It's Linkin Park Underground. ya gotta know dat!
Sign up to be in da LPU, its da greatest. You get t-shirts, cds, free concert tickets, u get ta go 2 da M&G....yeah, money well spent i say
by ilovechunkeecheese September 06, 2003
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Leet Pimps United

a society that only the leetest of the pimps can get into
mark-w00t to the lpu
bren- w00t me too
idiot- wtf is the lpu
mark- you don't know what it is casue ur a homogayfag
by anal_face January 12, 2005
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