Ladkaa Prefers Goris

This is the male version of the LPG acronym. 'Ladkaa' is the Hindi word for a boy. And 'Gori' is Hindi slang for a Caucasian woman.

Similar to the female definition, this describes a man of Indian origin who favours Caucasian women, and is prejudiced against Indian women considering them to be inferior.
That desi guy is slobbering over all those white chicks; bloody LPG!
by ratty214 April 29, 2010
Top Definition
Refer to most of Ms.Sancha's songs:
'...I ride with an LPG, b!tch - go ahead and try me...'
by glloria April 29, 2007
Ladki Prefers Goras

'Ladki' is the Hindi word for a girl. And 'Gora' is Hindi slang for a Caucasian man.

The term is used to describe some Indian women, usually born and brought up in India but who have since emigrated, that have a bias towards for Caucasian men, believing Indian men to be inferior.
Take a look at that girl there flirting with the white guy; such an LPG!
by ratty214 April 28, 2010
The instance where a person no longer decides to continue a project or task; Prolonged procrasitnation.
I think I'm going to pull an lpg. Sorry guys.
by fbfbggfe July 25, 2010
Living Pride Gangsters. Origanated in West Nashville,Tn
LiL CrAzY and baby E are LPG og's.
by LiL CrAzY April 11, 2005
Living Proof of Grace- Hip Hop duo and founders of the Tunnel Rats; formed in the early 80's based out of the West Coast; orignators of gospel hip hop.
LPG and the Tunnel Rats are not heard on radio and promo, they are simply battle rappers!
by Erick Castillo August 11, 2004
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