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Ratings on Facebook and social media sites.
person 1:Like my status for an LPC!
'person 2 likes person 1's status'
Person 1 : L=9 P=7 C=2
person 2: thanks!
#lpc #status #looks #personality #vain
by anon1470258 June 23, 2013
Land pay char,
If some one says you to do something and you dont want to do that you say LPC,
by Anonymous October 01, 2003
Little pink cock
An LPC is much smaller and lighter colored than a BBC.
#milipenis #little dick #dickette #weenie #bbc
by obscure101 July 02, 2013
Leather Personnel Carrier: footwear. Combat boots, boots in general, shoes, sandals, etc.

Based on the military's fascination with obscure nomenclatures (their name for "name") for ordinary objects, and for acronyms.
Sergeant: "Awraight, maggit, do you think you can operate those LPC's and go fill these five-gallon cans from the water buffalo two miles up the road without hurting anybody?"
by Alan July 27, 2004
Low Post Count
blades7 is a LPC whore.
by Jew March 30, 2004
Loose Pussy Club.

Every loose pussy girl is in the LPC club duhhh.
"Ew those girls are in the LPC what cunts."
#loose pussy club #lpc club #loose #pussy #club
by LindsayRose April 24, 2006
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