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Laughing on the Floor
Person #1: Omg, that was so hilar!
Person #2: Ikr? I'm LOTF!
by jonnjonn141 February 13, 2009
13 9
Last Opportunity To Fuck
This is my last weekend in town, LOTF.
by HCC88 April 22, 2010
12 2
Lord Of The Flies

a fucking smelly bastard that hangs around at tafe and fucken stinks...
Gareth: damn daniel wynter is lotf today

Nathan: fuck yeah... smelly fucker i wish he would take a bath...
by Gareth Littlehales November 21, 2004
24 17
Loling Onto The Floor
Sam: Dude, that shit is frickin hilarious!!
Amanda: I know! I'm totally LOTF.
by professionalloler25 July 25, 2011
1 1
a(n) statement refering to laughing out the face, also to all the gay refrences in lord of the flies.
that kid is so gay...Lotf.
by slikshot6 January 27, 2009
1 12