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A band of internet warriors who raid forums for the good of internet-kind. They are led by the fierce Ska Boss, who bestows upon them points of mulk for doing certain tasks. A certain amount of these points manifest themselves into fabulous prizes, such as cookies! Most importantly, the LOLZ Gang is a family, who stand united for teh lulz!
This just in: LOLZ Gang Causes great depression!`
by superbat September 12, 2008
An unstoppable force of amazingness that raids forums (their main target being emo forums) for fun. They have a secret hideaway among the internet, and they follow the Ska-Boss, prophet of the mysterious Mulk. They are a band of Titans who will always be better than you, no matter what, and don't you EVER forget that. No matter what you do, if you have a forum, they will find you, and enlighten you in the way of the Lolz
"This Just In: Lolz Gang caused Great Depression"

"you gonna get lolz'd"
by dabamf September 08, 2008
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