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shortend version of Lois and Clark
did you get season one of LnC

LnC is the bomb
by directorscut10 December 19, 2006
The late night crew, a popular late night thread on the shroomery.org.
"Man, it's nearly 1am, why hasn't anyone made an LNC yet?"
by Nanners May 19, 2008
Live News Chat - A popular site on the Internet for getting your live news and chatting about it. livenewschat.tv & livenewschat.eu
I was on LNC last night, and some trolls came by the chat room and we had major lulz!
by notatrollatall July 23, 2013
Late Night Caller- Someone who calls you all hours of the night. Like a booty call but on the phone. They have no concept of time and don't realize people actually are asleep at 2am.
Chelsea: Hey whats up, couldn't sleep after work it's just after 3am wanted to call cause I missed you.

Mel: Awww LNC I heart you..
by CrAzzY GrRL October 22, 2008