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Acronym for Let Me Lick Your Pussy
come on baby, lmlyp
by seapack12000 December 24, 2003
Abbreviation for "Let Me Lick Your Pussy". This is referenced on an early WEEN album, "God Ween Satan". Spelled on the album as L.M.L.Y.P. it is usually pronounced, "lym-lip". It often serves to confuse things in an already awkward moment. Also serves as a binding contract for the return of oral pleasure.
Guy (or cool girl)--"Hey, baby, I like how your hair smells....LMLYP"

Girl -- "Huh?"

Guy -- "...Just take off your clothes."

Girl -- "You sick...!"

Guy -- "Let me lick your pussy!"

Girl -- "Oh, I see. (girl complies)"
by Captain Fantasy January 06, 2006
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