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Laugh my dick off. A term used by frat boys who wish to focus an entire conversation on their genitalia.
Rick: Dude, I just came back from the hospital. I found out that I have terminal cancer.
Douchebag: LMDO. That sucks.
Douchebag: Seriously, check out my dong.
by SirKrumpets July 27, 2009
Laugh My Dick Off. It means exactly the same thing as LMAO (laugh my ass off) except LMDO was made by 2 "coo" people. Like real "cool"
Jay: Got take a ride on your magic carpet Mo.



by Jay James July 02, 2003
Laughing my dick off it is a more comical version to the popular trend lmao as in laughing my ass off the term was established by Dana powers from reading Massachusetts. The term should be used when describing a comical
I was lmdo when I found out my roommate said she was part of DC cosmopolitan so she could take pictures of ratchet bitches
by Dana powers aka bad bitch July 03, 2013
*first dude* dude, that bitch kicked me in the nuts.

*other dude* LMDO!!!!!!!!!!!!
by selphyre September 05, 2010
Laugh My Dick Off...when a guy laughs sooooo hard his dick falls off
GUY 1:y dont crows never get hit by cars?
GUY 2:y?
GUY 1:because they always say ""cawwrr cawwr""
Guy 2:LMDO
by LUIS RIB. November 23, 2007
Laugh My Donk Off.
A, shall we say, rounder, version of LMAO.
"Hey, look at Joey! He just tripped over that banana!"
by Harley_Marie February 16, 2009
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