A form of laughable substance to enhance any kind of artificial chewing substance.
This artififial chewing substance would be much better if I added my Lmaonaise
by Nageek August 04, 2006
Top Definition
Representation of the verb "Laughing my ass off" as a Noun and Object.

Created to likeness in sound to Mayonaise, by Ruliath.

See also: LMAOsine
OMG slap some LMAOnaise on THAT sandwich!

He just pwnt himself by slipping in LMAOnaise.

Grease up the ROFLcoptor with some LMAOnaise, I'm goin for a ride!
by Ruliath January 11, 2005
lmaonaise is a derivative of 'lmao' - laughing my arse off. it can be used to express the extreme amusement of something whilst relating to the popular sauce which so many of us put on salad: mayonaise.

Other examples include lolcakes and roflwaffles.
Suzie: Grant I want your lmaonaise
Grant: awh shit.
by suzukio January 13, 2010
the act in which a man shoots his load all over a womans face and then when she looks up at him with that dumb "i just got cummed on look" ... the man laughs so hard his ass falls off.
the other night, i was banging this girl and i blew LMAOnaise all over her face. it was so funny.
by frederick nichols August 13, 2007
Laughing my ass off - not actually. I speak exaggerations.

Used to show the stupidity of other peoples statements when they overuse lol or lmao at something that wasn't funny
Girl 1: OMG LOL! I was there on the weekend too and he was totally checking me out! Isn't that so funny!!!11!!! LMAO!

Girl 2: lmaonaise!
by FearMyAwesome February 13, 2010
Making fun of white people and their mayonnaise fetishes. Please note, people who use this term are usually hypocrites because saying words from the strange language of L33t Sp33k in real life makes you a nerd.

L33t Sp33k:
OMG zOMG If YoU uNd3rSt4nD tHiS yOu'R3 4 fRi(k3n N3Rd lololol LMAO n00b pl0x*

*excuse me if the translation is not correct, but I'm not a fucking nerd (well, at least not to big of a nerd... OK I admit it I'm white)
Haha, look at that f**king nerd, LMAONAISE!
by JoesMonkeyLand February 28, 2011
To laugh so hard that you ejaculate.
"While watching Superbad, Peter Lmaonaised all over his new Dickies when he saw Fogall.
by See Em Be June 18, 2008
like regular mayonaise but more lmao. Goes great on lolcakes
Steve: Would u like lmaonaise on that?
Simon: No i hate lmaoaise
by The Greasy Fiddler September 06, 2009
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