Short for "loosey goosey"
1. To be done half ass or without thought.
2. Idiot
My car broke down today because the mechanic was LG!
by makeitrain247 July 02, 2009
A young girl under the age of 18.
Boy1: Did you see chrissy's little sister?

Boy2: She's such and LG.
by Kkief02 June 22, 2008
little gangsters, refrence to 12-15 year old boys who think their top shit,
haha... look at that lg tryin to show off!

holy shit .. the towns crawling with lg's
by congac October 26, 2009
Crappy products, especially appliances.
Your refrigerator doesn't work? It must be an LG.
by Miker430 April 12, 2007
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