Latter Day Saints, as in The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, which literally means, church of the Jesus Christ that the latter day saints made up to fit their lifestyle.
Mormans and people in the Church of LDS are thoroughly confused.
by jwalk0n July 13, 2008
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The correct acronym for a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints. Also see Mormon.
The LDS church headquarters are in Salt Lake City.
by Zacrey Monte Hansen March 19, 2005
An abbreiviation of the three words Latter-Day-Saint. Someone who is LDS is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints.
Do you know if that person is LDS or not?
by J Mad-Dog February 15, 2005
little dick syndrome- when it is cold outside and your dick shrinks and hardens
after i sat out in the cold air for three hours i had developed major LDS
by truc March 23, 2008
Las Diablo Seista- A secret mafia that contains only Hispanics & Asians. They're only goal is Money, Drugs, Guns, & Sex.
The L.D.S. robbed my house!!
by LVong January 25, 2013
Little Dick Syndrome. When a man has Napoleon syndrome - he has a small dick, therefore, he has to make up for it by being an asshole.
He always treats girls like crap...he's got L.D.S.
by GroovyMimi53 May 30, 2009
Limp Dick Smack, usually a practice performed after sex when the male has just gotten back from throwing away the condom. The preferred location would be on the cheek or right across the forehead. It is very similar to the post-game slap on the ass in football.
Dude she totally rocked my world so when I walked back in I had to give her the ole L.D.S. out of sheer respect.
by Ben14 February 22, 2007
noun: abbreviation Little Dick Syndrome or Leaky Dick Syndrome.
When a man has an inferority complex because he is self concious about the size of his penis.


Yuri "What is LDS?"
Matt "a MicroErection!"
by coronas92 January 06, 2013

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