"Lazy Blow Job". It is when a female gives a blow job while resting her head on the guy's stomach. She may take occasional oral breaks, and switch on and off with the hand. Not as good as a traditional blow job, but still quite enjoyable.
Female: "I'm tired, let's go to bed."

Male: "Ah man, how 'bout a quick LBJ?"

Female: "Allllright."
by Mr. Wizard's Spell March 26, 2010
Top Definition
LBJ or the "Lateral Blow Job". Named for the position of the person performing the act. Also known from the acronym as "The Presidential" (Lyndon Baines Johnson)
Last night I put my girl friend in a head lock while she was giving me an awesome "LBJ".

My girl knows how to give a fucking royal "Presidential"
by David Sea August 20, 2009
Splashing someone in the face with scalding hot semen (heated on the stove) just as Lyndon B. Johnson splashed Vietnam with napalm.
Some people grow to enjoy recieving a LBJ from time to time.
by ice grilled cheese January 03, 2005
The greatest mixed drink known to mankind. It's the "Lebron James" of mixed drinks. It consists of 1-2 shots of captain morgan spiced rum with about 10 ounces of cream soda. Usually served over ice.
Bro I got so drunk after that third LBJ you made for me
by jvan45 February 17, 2013
LBJ, the abbreviation of Lumberjack Tavern. This tavern located in Big Bay, Michigan is home to the murder site that was followed by the film "Anatomy of a Murder" by Otto Preminger, starring James Stewart. Also the infamous hangout of the movie star Jeff Daniels and the mid west's largest tribute to Pabst Blue Ribbion.
Let's go get a can of PBR at the LBJ?
Pabst at the Lumberjack, sounds like a plan!
by Powell McKenzie September 29, 2010
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