Americas real past time. Was played way before baseball on this land, so baseball players can go fuck themselves. Lax and hockey are real sports. If you think differently you're a hoser. lax lacrosse hockey
Baseball player: Wanna play baseball?

Anyone: So you can roid rage? No thanks.

Baseball Player: Ever tried hitting a 90 mph fastball?

Lax Bro: No, because I try to defend 120 mph shots.
by Tim Kentwood March 05, 2012
lax is the best thing ever invented there is nothin better than lax. lax is the best after a long day in school when u have had warfield the last period of the day and made fun of her the entire class
friday is Erin's day dont ever forget
by laxer April 25, 2005
1) LAX noun. the main airport for los angeles
2) lax adj. being relaxed
1) Do you ever fly out of LAX
2) No, the security there is too lax
by Krusader March 07, 2005
short for LAXATIVE, a substance that gives people a bad case of the shits.
It is very to spike foods/drinks with lax.

I lax'ed the cake i gaiv him for his birthday.
by HDR February 04, 2004
Los Angeles International Airport
LAX departures will be experiencing delays today.
by Hornet September 11, 2003
los angeles' airport's airport code
Donko flew into LAX in his private jumbo jet at 11 am.
by Robert Trent Jones Jr. September 08, 2003
The firey gates to hell
"welcome to los angeles"
by Matt September 07, 2003

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