Awesome, exclusive club in LA with an airplane/airport theme. Co-owned by DJ AM.
Dude, did you hear that Paris is banned from LAX?
by Rad Rose February 20, 2006
The Los Angeles Airport
My girl lives on the west, so i hit the L.A.X.
by CrUnK September 04, 2003
woohoo!! one of the greastest sports!
ya it is
by PPOOOPSICLKE May 08, 2003
(Liquid Acid and Ecstasy) When one is under the influence of both liquid acid (lysergic acid diethylamide) and ecstasy (MDMA)
Person 1:"Yo man I'm going on a trip tonight."
Person 2:"Are you going to be landing in LA-X."
Person 1:"Well, I certainly hope so."
by Thug LifeXXX November 02, 2009
a laxative, a product taken to relive constipation
To get back he added a lax to her drink after he caught her cheating but failed to think of the consequences.
by The Return of Light Joker December 17, 2008
Lax is the sub-culture associated with lacrosse. Laxers usually dress in flip-flops, lacrosse t-shirts w/ a hawaiian shirt overtop,shorts (usually khaki) and a hat or visor. A lacrosse stick can always be found near a laxer most of the time. Laxers also don't get all hateful with players from another team ( cuz we're not jerks)
Jason Crosbie is a perfect example of a laxer.
by Iwillkillyouinyoursleep April 09, 2005
Americas real past time. Was played way before baseball on this land, so baseball players can go fuck themselves. Lax and hockey are real sports. If you think differently you're a hoser. lax lacrosse hockey
Baseball player: Wanna play baseball?

Anyone: So you can roid rage? No thanks.

Baseball Player: Ever tried hitting a 90 mph fastball?

Lax Bro: No, because I try to defend 120 mph shots.
by Tim Kentwood March 05, 2012
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