short for "relaxed," also means chilled, or not uptight about something.
My teacher must really like me because she was very lax about all the answers I got wrong on my test.

I'm not gonna punish my kids when I become a parent...I'll be pretty lax on them.
by jdean48 March 26, 2013
(1) Los Angeles International Airport. LAX is the common international airline abbreviation.

(2) An abbreviation of the word lacrosse. Many lacrosse products will include 'laxl in their name.
(1) My flight leaves from DFW and arrives at LAX.

(2) Our school's lacrosse team is holding a fundraiser at LAX Gear in the mall.
by Arthur James Sloan September 19, 2003
n. an abbreviated term for lacrosse, one of the greatest, most chill sports ever.
v. to play lacrosse
adj. relaxed, chill, awesome
1. Guy #1: Dude, I'm so pumped for Lax season.

Guy #2: Yeeee, do work son!

2. Yo, you wanna go lax?

3. This practice is so lax!
by soccerlaxlove79 December 27, 2010
A Short form, or another word for relax, free from restrictions, laid back, or informal.
'What's your office dress-code like Jim?'
"Ah, I'd say it's pretty lax.. You can wear whatever you like."

'How's your prof at your school, is he hard?'
"Nah, he's pretty lax, we only have a couple assignments."
by Larktheshark August 23, 2010
short for relaxed or relax
similar to chill
my day was pretty lax

woah lax man!
by word-donar May 23, 2010
very reLAXed or laid back
coach did a very nice job of not getting to excited and staying lax at our game today
by Mitch man23444 March 15, 2009
short for relaxed
eddie is lax
by eddiegamer December 13, 2008
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