1. Los Angeles International Airport
2. Supplement to speed up digestive tract
3. Da most brosome game in da world. Invented by those indians, playin it and canada and something to do wit the other lax bros.
1. OMG, LAX is one of the worst airports i've ever been to next to Hartsfield-Jackson and La Guardia.
2. Bitch, get me some lax. I gotta take a shit!
3. Just finished chillin with da lax bros. Gotta go to da lax practice to go beat those hoes.
by T. Brostein March 21, 2011
Top Definition
an abbreviation of lacrosse. also makes you sound l33t. can also be mistaken for laxative
Lax is such a cool sport
by rika-chan September 17, 2003
short term for lacrosse
I play for the LAX team.
by angela September 10, 2003
Los Angeles Internation Airport. One of the main airports in LA. Called LAX so it can be fit on the plane arrival/departure screens.
Our flight to Phoenix has an hour delay at LAX.
by </time> September 14, 2003
Relaxed, easy-going, non-enforcing
don't worry about smuggling it in, they're pretty lax about it here
by poobum November 14, 2003
lax n: the greatest fucking sport ever
adj. awesome, sweeet
v.:to play the greatest fucking sport ever
laxer n.: one who plays lax, partys a lot, and says "whoa" a lot
n. "dude i have lax game tomorrow, i cant party tonight"
adj. "dude i got dome last night" "LAX!"
v. "dude lets go lax"
laxer n. "haha dude that kids such a laxer"
by gilmanlax is sweet March 09, 2005
abbreviation for the best sport invented; lacrosse. spring is cool only cuz of lacrosse (and school ending)!!!
yes it's lax season!
by your best friend March 14, 2005
an abreviation for the game of lacrosse
wanna play some LAX?
by ujustwait84 September 13, 2003
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