sickest sport ever. Though im soooooooo bad and ill never be like scott at it. wow hes the best.
Scott is soooooo cool.
by Connie Scholz February 23, 2003
Short version for Lacrosse, A sport that requires great skill and mental toughness among other things (Balls)
You goin to lax practice today?

by Dan April 13, 2003
not very strict or loose
i have lax morals. i fuck around.
by papermachete October 28, 2005
another name for Lacrosse. AKA the best sport on the face of this earth. Only realy women and men play it.
Screw track and baseball play Lax!
by colorado girl February 13, 2008
what women play during girl's softball season
laxer: damn, softball is queer and boring
fag: haha cradle balls, hahaha i'm a lesbian
by sweetlacx March 03, 2007
shortened form of lacrosse. better than baseball. better than football. the players are required to wear face protection and padding, making them look really scary when they run at you full force on the field. in other words, pure domination.
who needs laxatives when you've got lax, we scare the shit out of you.
by laxxxxxxxgirl October 28, 2008
The title of a song by Big D and the Kids Table. I think it may hold the record (or at least be in the running) for "song to use the word 'fuck' the most times".
excerpt from LAX: "f*ck your f*cking attitudes. how can you be so f*cking rude? you f*cking look at me like when girls are jealous. and f*ck your f*cking LA bars! you're all a bunch of wannabe superstars! yeah and f*ck your f*cking act. you're a bunch of dressed-up f*cking wrecks...."
by ms. rigby February 16, 2006
(1) Los Angeles International Airport. LAX is the common international airline abbreviation.

(2) An abbreviation of the word lacrosse. Many lacrosse products will include 'laxl in their name.
(1) My flight leaves from DFW and arrives at LAX.

(2) Our school's lacrosse team is holding a fundraiser at LAX Gear in the mall.
by Arthur James Sloan September 19, 2003

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