sickest sport ever. Though im soooooooo bad and ill never be like scott at it. wow hes the best.
Scott is soooooo cool.
by Connie Scholz February 23, 2003
An awesome sport that requires a lot of skill(more so for girls than guys lax).
by Kathleen June 28, 2003
a place to kill each other
My grandma went to LAX to shoot up some nazis
by Stupid Warrior September 14, 2003
abbreviation for Los Angeles
by Anonymous September 06, 2003
quite possible the gayest sport ever , it invlves ramming a stick up the otha persons ass
new hartford lax is AWSOME!!
by ooblagosh June 21, 2003
it is life...
by bassproshop June 02, 2015

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