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sickest sport ever. Though im soooooooo bad and ill never be like scott at it. wow hes the best.
Scott is soooooo cool.
by Connie Scholz February 23, 2003
To completely lay someone out.
Ima lax that kid if he doesn't shut up.
by John Bittles May 27, 2007
v. to hire an escort, then gangbang, sodomize and steal her money while using racial slurs. Also used to refer to any form of sexual assult.
Yeah, I had to leave that SAE party, I was about to get laxed!

I'm going to lax you with this beer bottle if you don't shut up.

Watch out for him, he's an experienced laxer.
by the wet landini March 31, 2006
Lacross ~ as in the game. Throw a ball with basketty sticks to the other people with the same utensile! Throw it into the goal, score a little. Score a lot and you win.
Since he was a Lax player, he played lax. It's just the way it is, FUCKING LOGIC!!!
by shezafirecrackyr September 08, 2003
Lax (noun) ; activity played by boys not quite burly enough for football , but still enjoy being on a squad and frequently twisting and figiting with sticks . Not exactly a hobby, but ceratinly not considered a sport at school . Not to be confused, this game of sorts is still a definite ACTIVITY.
i wish i ran track, and was athletic and involved in sports but instead i just partcipate in the actvity lax.
by laxtivity December 15, 2010
see landon or landon guy. the essence of sweet lax.
everyone sweats the landon guys lax skills
by hotstuff June 05, 2004
To eat.
Taken from scandinavian word for eating. Often misstaken by people for making a poopie.
-Hey, wanna get something to lax later on?
-Nah, I'm allready filled up by your schmegma
by David S. Millenaar II February 03, 2005
best sport second to football(AMERICAN!)
fuck baseball, lest go play LAX!
by 100% ME May 07, 2003