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A coagulation of the worlds young to middle-aged virgins into one, testosterone free room. These individuals are usually male, but have many alias' via the internet. They live their life mostly on-line and restrict their social agenda to Lan party's and the occasional ultimate frisbee game. These LAN goers know their way around a computer, but not the elusive "vagina". You see them on the streets, wearing finger-less gloves,tank goggles, and the clever comment tee. If you hear a song that you think couldnt possibly be liked by anyone, there is probably a LAN man around.
Josh: so what are ya'll doing this weekend?

X: i'm going hunting

Ian: *turns down Indie music...i'm going to a LAN party... *turns Indie music back up and slides on tank goggles
by joshuascott October 09, 2008
20 24
It's like group sex for nerds
I can't wait for that LAN party, I haven't done it for quite a long time now.
by Wiffo June 13, 2008
25 31
Long Ass Night Party
Dude this LAN Party has gone on for 15 hours
by Herr 3rror February 14, 2010
2 10
A Party, Usually involving A "Lot 'a' Nerds"
Q: Hey... what does LAN Party Stand for???

A: Lot'a'Nerds
by insertusernamehere July 27, 2007
30 45
A veritable orgy, with none of the next-day guilt and unexplained pregnancies.
"The more the merrier, that's the way it is with LANs."
by placebo February 11, 2005
47 81
Drink till you cant feel the LANd anymore! Cuz lets face it, if you drink that much you won't be able to say land properly anyway.
(At a LAN party)
Guy 1: Hey guys look at him, he's so drunk he's FLOATING!
Guy 2: No retard, you are just on the floor.
Guy 1: Riiiight....(tard)
by Bobert Gerg October 03, 2007
10 45
Lan Party, Group of computers connected to Play games and share porn.
person 1:What? we had a good night 700gb of porn shared between the 10 of us haha
person 2: but I owned ur ass at ut
Person 1: But I stole ur "a55 5luts video"
by Mike rackhabit January 03, 2004
39 79