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Low quality individual. Basically, any person deemed to be of inferior intellect, common sense, social skills, etiquette, savoir faire, etc. Usage of the term would become appropriate following a demonstrable offense of the above (someone doing something tactless, tasteless, idiotic, or that which breaks either general or local unspoken rules of society).
1. Dave: "What's up with this douche pissing around in the left-hand lane? Move over, gramps!"

Bob: "What an l.q.i."

2. Anne: "I asked you to pick me up something from the liquor store, and you bring me Mad Dog 20/20?! Jesus H. Christ, you're an l.q.i., Phil."
by Z. Tenao December 06, 2011
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laughing quietly inside.
another form of lol except quieter, used when in a library or other quiet place.

"the librarian is oggling me, lqi"
by freezerbag January 30, 2009
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LQI : Laughing quietly and/or internally
what's app conversation:

- Hey dude. Check this funny picture
- ???
- LQI as laughing quietly and internally
- oh ok. Alright
by Ishaaq February 16, 2015
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Lower Quality Individual. Someone who has at least two of the following traits:
1. Abuses controlled substances.
2. Breeds so much that they can't take care of their children and instead calls up the politicians to force a nanny-state to do the parenting for them.
3. Has been convicted of more than a traffic violation and has been in trouble of the law.
4. Steals from family and stores.
5. Borrows money from you and borrows more the very next day with no intention of paying it back.
6. Anyone with an ego problem/small penis who acts more macho than they should.
7. Someone who had premarital sex.
8. Someone who was married, and isn't married anymore, and death had no part in it.
9. Drinks alcohol to extreme and may have killed someone and got away with premeditated murder.
Don't go to that town, it's full of LQI's.

I know a LQI in my neighborhood.
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