To "Dob" someone in the police or give police information about someone that could lead to them being investergated or charged.

AKA: To Dog someone, Rat out someone, narc on someone etc
" Michael Lagged on me last light"
by Aussiewords August 02, 2007
Top Definition
L.A.G.G. is a comon computer symptom in whoch the internet connection of a gaming console while in mid-gameplay. But that is not the true meaning of it, no sir, you see the letters stand for words
L - Little
A - African
G - Ghanan
G - guy
The theory behind the name is that L.A.G.G. is an unwanted thing that you cannot stand because it is annoying, interrupting and causes you to die (online). Now The Little African Ghanan Guy part referres to black african orphans who as we all know, are abundant in Ghana, and not to be too harsh, but theyre little annoying poeple who are unwanted and constantly interrupt you with 'please sir, spare change...' and 'i'm twelve with 6 hungry kids to feed...'. And on top of that, they are disease ridden due to NO medical care, which if one is caught will probably kill you in the real world, and you DON'T respawn after you die in the real world
Tom:AWWWW SHIT!, COD W@W is lagging again, i fucking hate L.A.G.G.!

Alex: yeah i know, its so UNWANTED, and so is a slow connection!
by analex January 23, 2009
Lagg (lag) v., Lagged, Lagging. -v.t. to subdue or defeat completely; crush. Esp. pertaining to assassinations. syn: annihilate, dominate, eradicate, own, pwn, terminate.
-"How did Andrew get assassinated?"
-"He thought he was safe, but Emily attacked him through the moonroof."
-"Man, he totally got Lagged!"
by Jmacx2173 March 03, 2008
When a überpro CS master is having stats problems he often uses the expression "lagg". Actually, it's written "lag" but since those überpro CS fanatics don't know how to spell without using numbers they seldom write it correct.
überpro: LAGG! 7hi5 is LAGG! omfg u r 4 noob!
noob: Sorry dude. I don't know what the term "lagg" means.
by Teodor December 08, 2005
The definition of Lagg is Ingi Steinn
Ómægod, djöfullsins LAGG could also be said as Ómægod, djöfullsins Ingi Steinn
by Prowner August 01, 2004
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