IT BE MAD COOL YO. JUMP OFF! yeah walk the plank.
"white boy w| a red neck & roca-wear clothing be living in THA HOOD a.k.a l-town"
by j slice April 15, 2005
Lawrence, KS. Home to University of Kansas.
I'm driving down to l-town to watch the big game.
by Perky March 17, 2006
what the natives call loveland, colorado.
whats goin down in l-town? nothing!? what a suprise!
by narsssistic twist August 02, 2005
The nicest nickname for Longmont, Colorado
Also, el-town.
No, I'm not from Boulder, it's too expensive.
I live in L-town.
by lelliesandremains November 25, 2006
Common urban slang, referencing the town of Liberty, North Carolina. Liberty is a famed celebrity hot spot on the east coast of the United States. Located in Randolph County it is home to just under 3000 people.
Julia Roberts Frequents L-Town.
by dunkin July 15, 2005
Lithonia,Ga where we get it crunk!!
Im 4rm da l-town
by Ashshalee b May 16, 2004
A place where all the homies from Lebanon, Ohio chill

We finally got a B-Dubs, a super WAL-MART, and we have the biggest YMCA in the country
L-Town is where you stay down
by Dan Hughes August 15, 2006

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