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Laughing so hard. An extended version of LFR (laughing for real). Strictly to be used only when one is actually laughing out loud very hard.

Recommended for use when one's jaw or sides are in pain from laughing, when one is on the verge of tears from laughter, or when multiple exchanges of "LFRRRRRRR" are becoming repetitive and getting out of control.

Invented in 2005 by Benny G.
This is how to use L S H properly and effectively.

someone: anyone can read the news to you
someone: i promise to feel the news at you
someone: :)
you: L
you: S
you: H
by Taco Watson October 22, 2005
An abbreviation for the Florida State University organization Lady Spirithunters.
Cori: "Hey girl! Are you going to the LSH fundraiser this weekend?"
Kelly: "No, I think I am going to paint faces instead."
by FSU Girl March 01, 2009
L.S.H = Lulz Start Here
Opposite of "Lulz end Here"
Making a Lul, beginning to lul, containing lulz
P1: The LSH

P2: Watch out, the Lulz Start Here!
by OriginalXmsteel September 26, 2009
Legion of Super Hookers
Dude, that place was almost as good as the time we went to visit the L.S.H. headquarters
other guy: dam str8
by headless juggalo May 14, 2010
Love struck hoe. A thirsty hoe, but cleaner and more innocent.
Kelly: He is so sweet, I can't stop thinking about him, it's like a love story!
Lauren: Dang, that is one LSH.
by jujujopi March 15, 2015
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