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Japanese Singer, comedian and actor. Born 10th December, dead 12th August 1985.
Kyu is most famous for his song "ue wo muite arukou" or "Sukiyaki" from 1961. Today Kyu is unknown for many, but some still like his music both in Japan and the west.
His career began in the late 50s when he was lead singer in the band Paradise King, later he participated in many Japanese movies, and after that he began to sing on his own, some examples of songs are: Miagetegoran, Ashita ga arusa and Shiawasenara teo tatakou. This is just a few examples of the hundreds of songs he sang. Kyu died in the world’s biggest single aircraft accident, JAL Flight 123s ruder fell of and the plane spiralled down and crashed into mount Osutaka.
No one can sing like Kyu Sakamoto
Kyu Sakamoto is the Japanese Elvis
by Linus-san April 17, 2006
Kyu Sakamoto was a 60's Japanese popular singer.Is biggest hit was "Ue O Muite Aruko", which is currently being used in the latest 3G ad.
Q:Who was Kyu Sakamoto?
A:He was a Japanese singer.
by Stephen_F June 26, 2005
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